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Financial Management

Our team will help the client determine necessary resources required to carry out the mission at hand by providing specific information on financial execution. Some information provided commonly includes but is not limited to; thorough review of policies and spending, justification of budget requirements, and coordination of yearly spending. Furthermore, MAKE will assist in maintaining execution throughout the Fiscal Year by following budgets set in place, tracking of reprogramming that occurs through year of execution, maintaining focus and supervising correct spending in accordance with policies and procedures set in place by the U.S Government. 

Financial Improvement & Audit Readiness

Our program management team values efficient business practices and auditability. Efficient business practices provide Agencies, Commanders, and Department Directors peace of mind in knowing that effective guidance is implemented, effective controls are applied, and that laws are abide by. Our team focuses on the client and their mission, their operating environment, and their requirements to best aid in the development of efficient business practices and effective controls. Each business practice is developed in compliance with FIAR regulations, DOD Financial Management Instruction, and Government Accountability Office (GAO) Audit Sustainment.  Our three core FIAR approaches are:

  1. Process Review & Inventory Control

  2. Test, Measure, & Evaluation

  3. Implementation & Monitoring

Process Improvement

MAKE applies rigorous focus towards process improvement. Within the DOD, almost every action is driven by a process. Naturally, the quality and efficiency of an agency’s outputs are tied to the processes that guided them. Throughout the last decade, it has been identified throughout the Private and Government sectors that a focus on Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) can lower costs, increase productivity, reduce lead times and much more. At MAKE Consulting LLC, we work to understand, and if desired reestablish your organizational goals. NO matter what our support level or role, MAKE will always strive to aid and improve any business processes it is involved in while keeping your agencies’ goals in mind. We look to apply our 5 step process:

  1. Understand your situation

  2. Determine time-bound goals

  3. Develop a plan to obtain your goals

  4. Execute the process

  5. Re-assess and re-establish.

Program Management

Our program management team will assess, interpret regulations and directives to ensure that programs operate and resources are used effectively and with minimal potential for waste, fraud, and mismanagement within your organization. Our MAKE team will assist Commanders, heads of staff agencies, financial managers at all levels on the following:

1) Oversee the implementation of programs

2) Oversee the allocation of resources based on program requirements

3) Research ways to eliminate program bottlenecks and barriers

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